On March 1st, 2010, my friend Walter and I set off on an adventure with my Arabian horse, Sojourner. I rode Soj across America and Walter drove our little truck (with no trailer). The trip began in Los Angeles, California and successfully ended in Bath, New Hampshire 8 months and 14 days later. It was a 3,700 mile ride.

We rode in celebration of family and as an outreach to those dealing with divorce-related depression.

This ride tells a tale of love in many forms - through the people we meet along the way, our connection with the horse, with the land, and with each other.

As this blog goes on it gets more and more in depth with tons of photos and experiences. Snuggle in with a cup of tea and read this like a book. I have switched the blog around so it reads start to finish so you don't have to read backward (except the first entry).

Here is our story...

When you're young and in love...


Right now a little 7 year old girl is dancing around the dimly lit living room with a huge rag doll that is nearly the same size as her. The doll is her dance partner and the lovely singer giving them something to dance to is Frank Sinatra.

Her pretty little 7 year old voice joined him to sing, "when you're 102."

Her great grandfather just walked in the living room and started singing along. Now he's sitting in his recliner and she is twirling and spinning in front of him.

"I hope Grandma gets home soon so you can get ta bed, sweethaat."

"Grandpa! Watch."

She spins and spins again.

I can remember doing this with my best friend, Brianna. We would dance and dance and dance to Enya or Enigma. We would hardly even speak to one another except maybe to laugh a little every once in a while.

These are the moments.

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